Water & Sanitation

Water and Sanitation

Current Challenges

One major challenge facing the people of Jensue is clean water and proper sanitation: 

  • Jensue is not well planned and lacks a good drainage system.
  • Collections of pool water are found throughout the village. 
  • High incidences of mosquitoes and harmful organisms.
  • The lack of a designated landfill in the village which leads to households creating their own “mini landfills” causing indiscriminate dumping of trash.
  • Inadequate toilet facilities.
  • Lack of clean drinking water all year round. 
  • Water wells in the village dry up in the dry season.
  • People have to pay a high price for water or get water from unclean sources. This leads to preventable illnesses and a strain on the already meager healthcare system. 

Our goals is to help create a clean and healthy environment for the Jensue community. Lets make it happen.

Our Proposed Solutions

To help solve some of the water and sanitation problems outlined above, it is the goal of Agyemoah Foundation to provide the following structures and facilities to provide a safe and healthy environment for the people Jensue.

  • To create a drainage system and landfill for the community.
  • To provide recycling and trash bins to households.
  • To build a mechanized well fitted with a water filtration system.
  • To work with the community to build water closet toilet facilities.
  • To educate people on environmental health and better ways to handle waste.
  • Liaise with the local government to enforce sanitation laws.

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