Job Training

Job Training

Current Challenges

Jensue is mostly populated by peasant farmers whose main source of income is Cocoa, a seasonal crop. It is challenged by the following inadequacies:

  • High illiteracy rate
  • High rate of middle school dropout
  • Lack of infrastructure for skills training
  • No technical school within a 200-mile radius
  • Low skilled and low pay
  • Most people are peasant farmers
  • Seasonal income from Cocoa harvesting.
  • Depending on borrowing from payday lenders with high interest

The goal of Agyemoah Foundation is to reduce unemployment in Jensue by providing vocational training, business development, and literacy. Lets work together to realize this goal.

Proposed Solutions

In Villages and Cities that have introduced some form of job training, those workers have immediately increased productivity and quality of life. Their annual earning power was increased sometimes 100 fold. By participating in a job-training program, Jensue can immediately change the lives of its people.

This is how we propose to do it:

  • Work with local artisans to provide skills training to dropouts.
  • Build a training center to provide vocational training in:
    • Carpentry
    • Auto mechanics
    • Masonry and Building construction
    • Welding
    • Fashion\hair & make-up
    • Fish & poultry farming
  • Provide career counseling and business development workshops.
  • Provide education in computers and technology.
  • Provide adult literacy classes.
  • Provide education in personal finance.

Successful Projects

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