Current Challenges

Most programs built to last a lifetime start from humble beginnings, and so it is with our Foundation and healthcare program for Jensue. The program will focus on emergency medicine and preventative care as we look to learn, listen and grow – gradually scaling the clinic to a hospital for the village of Jensue and surrounding areas.

In our initial needs analysis, almost all villagers surveyed talked about how far they had to walk for basic healthcare. Some indicated that they just don’t bother, and others, pointed out a grim reality – families have lost loved ones simply because they could not get to the hospital on time.

Our goal is provide the facilities, support and services to ensure quality healthcare delivery system for the people of Jensue. Contribute a little to make a great impact.

Proposed Solutions

Through partnerships and exchange programs between USA and Ghana, we are working to deliver an effective public healthcare program starting with:

  • Construction of community clinic – in progress
  • A clinic focused on children and pregnant mothers.
  • Appointment of a clinical director to ensure quality.
  • Community wide preventive health services.
  • Screenings, check-ups, and patient counseling.
  • Reduction of teenage pregnancies.
  • Promote healthy sexual habits.
  • Implementation of electronic medical records.

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