Current Challenges

In communities across the world, the impact of development programs is realized quickly where there’s a high literacy rate. Learning knowledge and developing skills needed for sustainability is critical for a transformed Jensue. At present, Jensue lacks adequate resources to support quality education. Classrooms are often crowded, and teachers lack basic supplies and teaching aids. After a thorough needs analysis, the following critical issues were found:

  • Overcrowded classrooms
  • Old and worn out school facilities
  • Lack of basic teaching and learning materials
  • Absence of enrichment programs for in/after school
  • A fragmented community
  • Lack of community support for the school.
  • Mass failure rate during state standardized tests.
  • Higher incidence of teenage pregnancies.
  • Mass dropout rate among students

Our goal is to provide the tools, support and rich environment for quality education to enable every child at Jensue to develop his or her talent in order to be become a useful citizen to the world.

Proposed Solutions

To address these problems, the Agyemoah Foundation intends to:

  • Building extra classrooms
  • Help to build computer center
  • Help to build Daycare center for the community
  • Conduct an annual drive for school supplies
  • Raise money for teaching materials
  • Introduce after school programs
    • Soccer & athletics club
    • Drama club
    • Debate club
    • Computer & Robotics club
    • Music and dance club
  • Rally community to support after school programs
  • Funds and materials after school programs
  • Provide sex education through the clinic

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